A old wise farmer was once quoted as saying,  "The problem is not that we know too much. The problem is that so much of what we know, ain't so."

In the opinion of Pastor Strawcutter, nothing could more clearly describe the dilemma of the typical church goer today.   Tradition and at times outright shear ignorance blocks the free flow of truth and understanding of the Bible.  Too many churches and ministers today are more dedicated to the perpetuation of their past and traditions than they are to walking in true vision, interpretation and enlightenment.  

One area that ministries afflicted with stunted spiritual growth balk at is the area of science.   Because they find certain scientific holdings to be inconsistent with their ridged and sacrosanct beliefs they arrogantly denounce and dismiss out of hand many things that if viewed in a more correct Biblical light would actually make perfect sense.

The following are a few of the primary areas that have historically stunted biblical understanding and have actually caused many to become committed unbelievers instead of believers.  Would it surprise you to know that among other things, the Bible  teaches that:

The Creative days in Genesis are eras of time and not literal 24 hr. days?    
Adam was not the first man created on earth?
The Serpent was symbolic and not a literal slithering snake?
Noah's flood was one of many such upheavals and was local and not global?
The word rapture appears no where in scripture, nor does the word trinity?

If you are a person who has ears to hear, and eyes to see, you may be just the type of person that would benefit from a visit to The Church on Bent Oak.  If however, you are frightened by having your beliefs challenged or take comfort in unbiblical dogma and tradition, feel free to sleep on.  

If you have an inaccurate understanding of the past, your view of current events and the future will be skewed.

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What kind of people are attracted to The Church on Bent Oak?

People who are tired of establishment approved, politically correct, dry dead and often silly approaches to churchianity. People who have the mental and spiritual wherewithal to handle the truth and know it when they hear it.  People who know in their hearts that there is more to Christ and a relationship with him that mere ritual and mental ascent.  Over the years many have  said, they were looking for "truth and not tradition", and found it at the Church on Bent Oak.

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