The Church on Bent Oak is led by an experienced duo of Holy Spirit directed ministers that have a totally Biblical worldview and a real love of people.

Senior Pastor Rick Strawcutter

​​has been Sr. Pastor at The Church since 1976. His talents and experience is varied and extensive. Pastor Strawcutter has a broad based educational backround including a Naturopathic degree and pilot's license.  He is  the author of several books including "Bankers Lawyers and Judges - the Unholy Trinity",  "Without Controversy "  and  "Ten Minute Bible Study."

Pastor Ron Poch

hails from the Atlanta Georgia area. He is the author of the thought provoking analysis on the "rapture theory" I WANT TO BE LEFT BEHIND. He is a world traveler and an authority on national salvation., Because of his rich theological background he is a natural to fulfill the role as the the church's teaching pastor.

Our Leadership